What Others Have To Say

Co-founder - Securities Trading Company

Roger, I am used to working with programmers that take a few tries to work out the bugs. It's great to finally work with someone who keeps getting it right the first time out. You are definitely setting the bar high. The system is working spectacularly. So far the clients using it have really liked it, and it is making my life far easier. Nice Job!

Founder - Tech Software Company

Roger, We are very pleased. I think the "WOW" that Carla sent to you regarding the Home Page is a correct statement from all of us for the entire site and for our interactions with you. It has been a pleasure to work with you. THANKS !!!

Owner - RV Products company

I had a man today compliment me on how nice the site was. I am sure that makes you happy, and it definitely makes me happy. Never had a compliment on my old site, so thank you.

Founder - Research Company

I forgot to mention today when we talked that I LOVE THE SITE! You and the team did a great job of making our vision come true.

Owner - RC Planes company

I really appreciate all your hard work, professionalism, creativity, collaboration, advice and speediness. You can use me for a reference anytime! Please feel free to also put me in your web portfolio.

HR Manager - Building Products company

It looks wonderful. So far I've received only positive feedback. Everyone seems to be really impressed with the new design - much more professional and classy.

Owner - Agricultural Services Company

Hi Roger, I really appreciate the way you work with us. Thanks again and God's best.

Owner - Vinyl Record Sales

I will stop short of "shouting from the rooftops with delight" but I'd be less than honest if I said I didn't shed a small tear of joy - that's excellent! May I suggest you take the rest of the evening to rest on your laurels. Nice work, Roger.

President - Management Certifications Company

Thank you! Like they say "Ek wou sommer in my brook kak" which roughly translated means "I am pleased beyond measure and delight." Hope this gives a green light.

Owner - Cooking Website

Honestly, I LOVE the editor system you set up. It's extremely easy to use and the site looks great. I very much look forward to launching.

Owner - Food Sales Website

It looks very clean. Very professional. Easy to use. I assume that all the various specific actions will be under each activity: Add a product/Edit a product. That's where you can change headlines / update copy / upload or delete photos, etc. In other words, I really like it.

Owner - Multi-Cultural Business Solutions

I forgot to mention today when we talked that I LOVE THE SITE! The team did a great job of making our vision come true. I went back and looked at the SOW to hit refresh for why we created the website. And I agree that you completed a great web site. Thanks for your support!

Administrative Assistant - Sales Website

Roger - for the record, thanks for participating in the smoothest web setup we've yet had. Scanned docs, the pending site data already in the database, one-click release ...SWEET!! Just like it's supposed to go.

Director of Marketing Operations - Insurance

Roger - I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for your continued excellence in helping to develop our website. The routing of the various and several emails required to automate this process is obviously complicated, yet it all is accomplished seamlessly. Being able to test in a development environment is very helpful and I'll have you know that I spent a long time checking for errors in your code. I fed the form bogus zip codes, tried to upload the wrong type of file, too large files, improper caps and just failing to properly answer questions and in each case, the form let me know where I messed up. And the really great thing is that, when the data was sent to me in the emails, it's all very clean, properly formatted and capitalized and ready to be fed to other systems. Brilliant!!

Director of Marketing and Sales

I found myself thinking like our sales guys and trying to get into other people's leads. Despite my best efforts (manipulating URL's) I couldn't see any leads but those I'm supposed to. I just got a nice little message telling me to check with service if you feel you received this message in error. I LOVE that!! The fact that you picked up on that without us discussing it ahead of time says a lot about your professionalism and ability. In all, thanks for all you've done. I look forward to our continued collaboration.

Regional Manager - Sales

RE: Website. Phenomenal. Thanks for knocking yourself out on it.

Administrative Pastor - Church

Roger I just wanted to let you know that we are getting a lot of positive feedback from our church website. We had a couple visiting with us this past Sunday that is very interested in attending our church once they move here from Charlotte. When I encouraged them to find out more about us by looking at our website he said that he had already done so and thought that is was very good and had a lot of information. On another occasion we had man tell us that after hearing Pastor's message on Taking Up Your Cross he went to the website, completed the Spiritual Gifts questionnaire, and then looked through the ministries to find where he could best serve. He called to volunteer to be an usher and has joined our prison ministry team. Thank you, Roger, for putting together a website that presents our church in such a positive and professional manner.

Co-Founder - Trading Company

I am very happy to see this project finally progressing after months of trying to find the right person.

Owner - Insurance Sales

With Roger's help, we've managed to build a HIGHLY flexible and scale-able system whereby multiple sites on our server can invisibly and seamlessly post to the same form and database. VERY slick.

President - Insurance Alliance

Blew my mind the ad for a sales site ... then I clicked and took me to my password request. I popped it in .... And BOOM BOOM ... there I was at the EXACT SPOT I wanted to be the get a site ... no SEARCHING on how or where to do it!!!!!!!!!!! I mean it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the rotating pics ... and ALL AND ALL !! ... You are GOOD ... don't let up now ... the company is JUST STARTING !

Co-Founder - Agricultural Services Company

Roger The site looks GREAT!! Really coming together. Thanks.