eNET Innovations, Inc. – Cary, NC
Founder / Full Stack Developer / Designer / Manager  (1998 to Present)
  • Developed, implemented and maintained a vast array of websites for a diverse local and out-of-state client base.
  • Designed, optimized and implemented numerous SQL/Relational databases.
  • Designed and developed custom Content Management Systems (CMS), along with theme and plug-in development, modifications and implementations of open-source CMS packages.
  • Worked closely with Advertising Agencies to provide the development for their designs. This included back-end admin panels as well as front-end HTML, CSS, JS and database integration.
  • Established relationships with Web Development and Consulting companies to both assist their current development staff with projects as well as handling complete projects from conceptualization through implementation.
  • Designed, developed and implemented custom back-end Administration Panels.
  • Worked closely with Graphic Designers enabling a seamless integration of their designs with the front-end coding and the back-end databases.
  • Converted websites from ColdFusion and ASP to PHP.
  • Moved websites between various hosting providers, including web pages, content and MySQL databases.
  • Converted .PSD files into pixel-perfect front-end pages rendering properly in multiple browsers.
  • Developed and implemented aggregators, mash-ups, interfaces and APIs to specific client specifications.
  • Worked closely with SEO companies to optimize client websites for top search placement.
  • Worked on various private, password-protected and intranet sites.
  • Worked with clients in formulating estimates and writing project proposals.
  • Performed miscellaneous activities requested by a wide range of clients such as:
    • Finishing websites after the client's web developer quit.
    • Tracking down and fixing bugs no one was able to fix.
    • Incorporating plug-ins and functionality such as calendars, maps, contact forms, photo galleries and more.
    • Installing and configuring WordPress, Drupal and other open-source packages.
    • Implementing website changes, enhancements and tweaks as needed and requested.
A few selected accomplishments:
  • Developed an intranet for a company to calculate and display volumes of trading data for their clients around the world in a comprehensive, selectable format. This intranet saved my client hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars monthly, while providing the data in a summarized, more timely fashion, in turn saving their clients a significant amount of time and money.
  • Developed an auto-sign-up feature for a major insurance broker that allowed agents to create their own sales and recruiting websites while at the same time creating all the records necessary to support automated billing for those sites. This turned a stagnant IT cost center into a profit center generating over $250,000 per year.
  • With language assistance from the site owner converted an English-language website to Spanish. This incorporated graphics and navigation as well as content.
  • Developed a common and scalable Administrative Area for Real Estate Agent websites allowing agents to tie into the database and maintain their own RE listings with very little cost and effort. The Admin Area was so easy to use and self-directing that virtually NO training nor user manual was required for implementation.
  • Participated in the design, development and implementation of a 2-Way API, where each side served as both the Requester and the Responder.

Additional Experience

Prior to eNET Innovations, attained significant additional experience in Information Technology including: Systems Analysis and Design, Feasibility Studies, Requirements Definitions, IT Audits and Consulting, Project and Team Management, Sales and Marketing and Senior Management. Firms worked for included CPi / modis, SysCon Group, Consultants in Data Processing and Systemation.

“RE: Website. Phenomenal. Thanks for knocking yourself out on it.”